Reunion Photography

Are you planning a family reunion

 photo session and need a professional photographer?

With everyone’s busy life, family reunions are becoming harder to plan. But once you go through the planning session and get everyone on board it is all worth it. This is also a great opportunity to get everyone together for a family reunion photography session. Sacramento areas offer stunning views and are an amazing background for your family reunion photos.

These photos are priceless, they tell so much about each family and show the relationships and they gain value as time passes by. Looking at them year after year will bring you back down memory lane and the amazing time you had with your family.

Pricing & Packages

Reunion Package 1

Up to 12 people
1 Hour
50 edited portraits
Photo album 8*8 (20 pages)
Additional person +$40


Reunion Package 2

Up to 25 people
2 Hours
80 edited portraits
Photo album 10*10 (20 pages)
Additional person +$25


How to prepare for your

family reunion photography session.

1. Date and Time

It’s best that all of your family agree on a date for the family session. I always suggest picking a day at the beginning of your family reunion. This way if the weather is bad, we have a chance to reschedule for another day while you are still in Sacramento.

Also, consider small children & newborns and their nap schedules. If they are generally happier in the morning it’s best to plan for an earlier photo session.

2. Location

Based on the look you want to achieve and the weather forecast, I then suggest a location in Sacramento or nearby that would compliment the style of your photography reunion session.

3. The style of your session

Is it going to be a family portrait session in the park? At your rental property or close to it? Would you like to incorporate your family dog? Maybe you have booked a venue for your celebration or an activity that everyone is doing. Anything is possible and I am open to your ideas.

While grandparents may be happy with a series of posed group photographs, the most candid and natural photos happen organically when everyone is relaxed. Spending too much time on poses, grandchildren may easily become impatient and some parents find group shots too staged. So I suggest planning for real activities, such as playing at the playground, a picnic at the park, or biking on the valley trail.

4. List of must-have photographs

Would you like your posed group portraits to be followed by a more spontaneous and candid lifestyle segment (if it is an extended family portrait session) or a discrete documentary style coverage (if it’s a wedding anniversary or birthday party)?

If you have a three generations family portrait session your must-have list may look as follows:

• group photo of everyone

• group photo of grandchildren and grandparents

• grandparents on their own

• all grandchildren together

• each individual family, etc

Once the must-have groups are taken and out of the way, the session will become more spontaneous and fun. Each family is unique and will end up with very different lifestyle portraits filled with real moments with the people you love and care about.

5. What to wear

Pick a color palette. Pick 3-4 colors and make sure at least 1 of them are neutrals. Neutrals can be denim, khaki, grey, or off white.

Once you have selected your palette, each family has to coordinate their outfits with those colors.

6. What to bring

Snacks and drinks to keep kids happy. If you have small kids, consider bringing their favorite toy or book to entertain them and bring their attention towards the camera.

Consider a blanket for picnic scenes or towels and an extra set of clothes for kids if we are shooting by the lake.

7. Contact person

Choose a contact person responsible for all communications with your photographer. This person will book your portrait session, sign the paperwork, have a phone consultation with me about locations and wardrobe, update me on your special requirements and family dynamics, confirm dates and times, email me a list of must-have photos, and spread the word when the images are ready for purchase etc.

Planning your family reunion itself can be a challenge. Hiring a photographer and arranging a professional photo session can remove the stress of capturing quality images of your event. These photographs will become treasured pieces and will be worthy of your investment, time, and effort.

I am available for family reunion session bookings in the Sacramento area. If you are interested please get in touch for details and further arrangements!


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